Discounts and Incentives

   Listed below are some ways in which you can earn discounts on tuition prices.

  • The Win, Win, Win, Referral Credit

Anyone who refers a friend to the program who registers and pays will receive a $20.00 credit towards the semesters tuition. This can be in the form of a discount on the tuition paid or a rebate check depending on the timing. The type of credit is at the directors discretion. You can earn an additional $20.00 credit for each person you refer. We call this the "win, win, win" credit because we get additional families enrolled, you get a discount on your tuition and the new families get introduced to a wonderful program that will benefit both the parents and children . Just make sure to let your friend know to tell us when they register that you referred them. Sorry, we can not issue credits for previous semesters.
May be combined with other discounts and offers.


  • The Consecutive Semesters Credit  

We realize how difficult it can be to find the time and resources to commit to any program over time. As a way of saying thank you and helping those who have made the decision to do so, anyone who is enrolled for 4 consecutive full length semesters, (summer is optional), will receive about a 15% discount on all following tuitions. They will pay the lowest tuitions we offer for both 1st child and siblings. Those discounted tuitions are currently $220 for the 1st child and $125 for siblings. The tuition discount will remain in effect as long as there is no gap in consecutive semesters.  If a gap occurs, you can reclaim your discount status with 1 paid semester. This discount is on all children and siblings enrolled and the attendance of the siblings can be combined to keep the discount status current. May not be combined with other discounts or offers with the exception of the "win, win, win," referral credit.




  • Early Registration Discount



By registering and paying during the early registration period you will receive $20.00 off of each tuition for that semester. You must register AND pay by the deadline to receive the discounts. During "Early Registration" there will be a link to a page where you can pay the discounted tuitions online. You can also send a check but it must be postmarked by the deadline in order to receive the discounts. May not be combined with other discounts or offers with the exception of the "win, win, win," referral credit.


  • Sibling Discount                                                                                                                                   

The deep discount for siblings is extended to all siblings who are under 9 months old on the date that the semester they are attending begins and are registered in the same class as the older sibling.