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As a Montessori teacher working with young children and the mother of a 1 year old I was so excited to discover Music Together. We have a Music Together program at our school and after one class I knew that I wanted my own child to be enveloped into the warmth, fun and learning that was involved with it. She started when she was 6 months old and her love for music is evident. We so enjoy being part of a group of parents and children all coming together to enjoy and learn through the expression of movement and sound. Our Music Together teacher gives us so much insight into what they are experiencing as well as encouraging us to be as involved as we can. We Love Music Together and intend on sticking around as long as possible!!


We are huge enthusiasts and supporters of Music Together of Brookfield. Our daughter, now almost 3 years old, began this program when she was approximately 18 months old. We heard about the program from a close friend whose son had attended and really enjoyed it. It’s nice that a Saturday class is offered, in addition to weekday classes, because both parents and/or caregivers can attend if they so choose. We are so happy to have Music Together in our lives, and we listen to the provided CDs in the car, outside of class, ALL of the time. Our daughter knows most of the words to her favorite songs and sings right along. She is definitely developing into quite the musical little girl!

Erin & John

Music Together is an amazing program! After a demo class, when our son was around 13 months old, we knew this program was something incredibly worthwhile. We have been attending the Saturday class ever since, and our son is now close to three. Our teacher is phenomenal! He has a true gift for interacting with children. My husband and I have benefited from this program as much as our son. We love it!

Karen & Skip

My daughter and I love Music Together! MT's warm, loving, patient atmosphere has brought my daughter -- who is a shy 3-year old -- out of her shell. She now interacts with the teacher and participates with singing and dancing both within the class and at home. One thing that is very unique about MT is their emphasis on music and not on chatter. As a mom, when my daughter and I enter the MT classroom, I feel like I am leaving everyday life behind, as we enter a very special world for 45 minutes.


Our daughter has been enrolled in this program since she was 11 months old.  She’ll be turning four soon.  It has been so much fun witnessing her growth and development, from a musical perspective as well as a cognitive and social perspective.  Our Monday mornings with Music Together have been great fun for us over the years, and we look forward to continuing our musical journey with Music Together.

Ilona and Charles

After the demo class with my two-year-old triplets I wasn't sure if Music Together was right for them because initially they didn't say a word or participate in all the fun. Even during the classes they seemed to just watch everyone else sing, dance and clap along to the music. However, at home I would hear them singing the songs while playing or before going to sleep;it made me laugh to hear them helping or correcting each other with the missing words and urging each other to sing along. One of my daughters likes to scat like the teacher did in class and tells me, "Now you do it mommy", if I fail to repeat it.  after watching the teacher playing the guitar and engaging all the children my son now pretends he is the teacher with his toy guitar and tells his sisters and me to "tap and clap" to the music while he sings and strums the guitar. He also brought a puppet over to me and instructed me to put it over the end of the guitar like his teacher did. He then insisted on bringing his guitar to class to show her. I'm just so impressed with the program and how much my two-year-old children were able to learn in such a short time. I truly think it has been life changing for all of them. The triplets and I really enjoyed the whole experience and continue to sing the songs together and reenact all that happened during the classes. We look forward to joining you again soon. Thank you!


This class helps to remind me why I decided to stay home with my kids. It is a peaceful, fun little oasis in the middle of an otherwise busy day. It's time-out-of-time for just my daughter and I to share amidst the rest of our busy family schedule. Our teacher is very sweet, energetic and talented. She interacts well with the children and does a great job of keeping class flowing so that the little ones rarely have time to get distracted. My toddler is in LOVE with Music Together--singing, dancing, etc. at home all of the time. She gets SO much out of it! After just two or three weeks she was imitating many of the tones and sounds. A few more weeks and she is "singing" some of the songs, mimicking gestures, and often encouraging the whole family to get into the act with her, (at just 20 months old)! I have taken a lot of other famous-name music classes, and we loved them, too, but we have never experienced anything quite as powerful as Music Together. She took to it much faster than anything I've seen before, incorporating it into her daily activities, sounds and motions, etc. It is very easy to see the huge (positive) effect it is having on her. Thanks for bringing it to our town, and our lives!


I've heard of the benefits of a music class for children, but never understood how much of an impact one would have on my toddler. He was very rambunctious the first class, running around the room, trying to climb on things and not paying much attention to the class. This made me feel really uncomfortable, but our teacher put me at ease by letting me know that this was common and that he would be engaged as he saw me singing along and enjoying myself. After a few classes he began to sit calmly in my lap and it wasn't long before he started belting out the words to several Music Together songs in the grocery store, in the car and at home. We were all shocked at how much he was soaking in and it was incredible watching how fast his love for music was growing. We got a kick out of hearing him say, "Give me a beat!" and using every possible toy he had as an instrument (he especially loves the drum!). My husband and I are still amazed to watch him sing all of the song's he's learned from Music Together, along with all the hand motions. We just completed our second semester with Music Together of Greater Danbury and he talks all the time about our beloved teacher and how much he loves music class. We feel like part of a warm, loving family and look forward to many more semesters with Music Together.